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Our freedoms are under attack by Washington bureaucrats. It’s time to stand up and fight to make sure liberty is preserved for the next generation. I’m running because Floridians need to have their constitutional rights, natural resources, and property protected. No one will work harder than I will to make that happen.”
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This is at best incompetence, at worst intentional

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Matt Caldwell campaign spokeswoman Danielle Alvarez released the following statement in response to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office announcing 2,100 more mail ballots that still need to be counted: “After announcing last night that they had completed counting vote by mail ballots, it is absurd and outrageous that Brenda Snipes... View Article

Caldwell Campaign Files Lawsuit to Preserve Integrity of Election

Tallahassee, FL – Today, attorneys for the Matt Caldwell Campaign filed a lawsuit in the 17th Judicial Circuit asking the court to protect the integrity of all ballots and all public records relating to the election for Commissioner of Agriculture. The suit asks the court to determine if Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes... View Article

Caldwell Releases Statement Following Governor Scott’s Press Conference

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Tonight, Matt Caldwell, candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, released the following statement: “I applaud Governor Scott for taking decisive action to uphold the integrity and fairness of this election and to protect the voters of our state. To echo the Governor, it is unacceptable that we cannot get an... View Article

8 hours ago

Matt Caldwell

We come together and thank all of our selfless men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. We are grateful for our veterans at home and abroad for defending and protecting our freedoms. #VeteransDay‬ ... See MoreSee Less

We come together and thank all of our selfless men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. We are grateful for our veterans at home and abroad for defending and protecting our freedoms. #VeteransDay‬

2 days ago

Matt Caldwell

ICYMI we were on Fox News last night talking about the outlandish situation with the Broward County Supervisor and her mishandling of this election. I have filed a lawsuit to hold her accountable, follow Florida law, and uphold the integrity of our elections. We cannot let Florida be stolen with suspicious underhanded tactics. Chip in to help fund our legal battle here: ... See MoreSee Less


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Fake votes. What about Republican votes? Is it really about illegals voting? Or just the board of supervisors fake voting?

What about those amendments? Judges? Were registered ballots substituted?

Wow! Just realized you "didn't win!" Hold them accountable! You did win!

If Broward county was 80 % democrat and you are behind by 15,000 many mysterious votes would have to show up to win the election ? Any math people out there ? I think the answer is 25,000. BTW...Broward is not 80% democrat.

You mean Don't count the Votes?

Totally behind you Matt !

Keep fighting the food fight, Matt. Don’t let these crooks in Broward and Palm Beach steal this election from you!!! #StopTheSteal

Seems to me the only way to be certain and accurate would be to discard all of the votes from Broward and revote with different people in charge. Impossible? Who knowa.

Funny how all the “extra” votes are just going to the Dems! Ridiculous! Such a joke!

Stand strong and sure. You aren't just standing up for yourself you are standing up for ALL voters, not just those who voted for you.

Hang in there Matt, Florida is behind you !

Why is this woman still in office !!! Sounds like she should have been fired way before our election day. And I am sure there are many others who need to be investigated for this cover up and disgraceful behavior by someone who has been elected to protect our votes. She won't be honest. I say we should stick to the first out of this election. She know better and she knows she is in deep trouble. Arrest her now. We can not trust that all of the new votes are real or falsified. End of story. But this traitor should definitely be charged with tampering with our votes. Evildoer and demonic behavior...



I agree.

I hope she goes to jail she looks guilty as sin!

Your donate website not working properly. I have tried twice to no avail.

Hold them accountable. Not one Republican voter in thousands of ballots? Just unreal

This cannot be forgotten never mind Russia we have a deep state here

Definitely screwed up! She should have been removed from office after the 2016 debacle! But why should anyone need to contribute to this fund to solve this problem when Democrats (her) caused it and Democrats are the ones challenging the Election Day results, so let the Democrats pay for it!

Why doesn't the Department of Justice get involved in this? A new election should be held

throw that pos in a jail

Are you fighting this Matt Caldwell? You won your race! Fight it!

They only ordered a recount of Senate and Governor race, Matt Caldwell. You've got to fight this.

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My prayers are with you through all this

Crooked Broward County of course.

Keep fighting because this is unacceptable. Very convenient that Nelson wouldn’t concede and, poof, magically all these votes appear. I’m about done with this nonsense.

Start locking some asses up! This is unacceptable to put it mildly

Praying, just hang in there.

Hang in there! We need you in Agriculture!

Supporting you all the way Matt.

People need to be arrested! That is the only way this will stop! This is BAU for them, no consequences! Totally unacceptable, we all need to demand justice!

Standing with You, the Governor and Governor elect all the way!

Broward County is starting to make Miami-Dade look like Mayberry. Parkland, FL becoming infamous for more than high school shooter and mail pipe bomber.

Snipes needs to be fired, and their balloting procedures tightly monitored from now on.

We need an accurate count REGARDLESS of who wins.

Matt... I voted for you and was totally shocked to see this was flipped! Something very illegal is happening! Between you, Governor Scott, Senate Rubio, and other Republicans maybe we can get this straightened out! Good luck and God Blessings. Looking forward to your new position!

All this occurring after election is over?????

These ballots need to be verified. Finding ballots is not acceptable.

Send them to jail for breaking state law!

Brenda Snipes needs to be fired.

I think ALL ballots Over Seas Mail etc should be counted before the 7 deadline for voting. Why do they leave theses ballots out?

Broward county breaking the law. Shouldn’t happen. Elections officer needs to be arrested.

Please, please, please don’t let them steel this from Rick Scott, let OUR voice be heard, also post anything we may do to stir people up if poossible🙏

This corruption in Broward needs to stop.

I voted for you and hope and pray this gets fixed.

Don’t let lying liberals steal our elections! Broward and Palm Beach crooks!


Madeline Stubbs

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4 days ago

Matt Caldwell

This election is coming down to the wire! If you cast a provisional ballot we NEED you to contact your supervisor of elections by the 5pm deadline to make sure your vote for Matt Caldwell is counted! Look up your county info here: ... See MoreSee Less

This election is coming down to the wire! If you cast a provisional ballot we NEED you to contact your supervisor of elections by the 5pm deadline to make sure your vote for Matt Caldwell is counted! Look up your county info here:


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Bunch of BS from the left. They are stalling for the caravan to vote 😂

This is unfair !!!!! These dems are going to try like it's 2000 all over again

It always amazes me when a recount happens the Democrats seems to find enough votes to win. Where do these mystical Democrat votes come from?

Just saw a post where Fried (whomever she is or does) pulled ahead of you with counting continuing......

What election supervisor has 3000 Ballots she forgot she placed in her trunk..??? Suprise Suprise watch and see...,

Stop the confusion and take out the blue colour and put in the dam red. Thinking ppl not noticing the Republican sign in small print. You Republic in a bunch if thieves. Smh

So, they are going to produce over 30,000 uncounted votes in the middle of the night?


This is at the Democrats are going to steal the election away from us all the Governorship Senate and now matt position the fix is in Governor Scott's got a step in right away

Adios Matt!

Didn’t this same thing happen there last election, ballots in a warehouse or a cars trunk.

Sounds like that is happening in multiple races, always something


What is going on with our election!

We voted for you Matt Caldwell.....couldn't get into the Pasco Co vote.

Problem is republicans always cheat. How you gonna blame Democrats when republicans have controlled Florida’s government for over 20 years???

He’s a great guy and the best one for the job! Let’s go Florida 💯 Florida Panhandle voted for you


Be happy. Love U

So much for your blue wave.

The Republican party signed this recount law into effect. All provisional ballots are verified before being counted. VERIFIED. No dead people. No goblins. Weren't in a trunk, no ghosts or goblins. Suck it up, Republicans lost this one.

Revenge of Gen. Edmund Kirby

Matt Caldwell has my vote!

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