Sen. Marco Rubio Endorses Matt Caldwell

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Today, Representative Matt Caldwell received the endorsement of Senator Marco Rubio in his bid for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Senator Marco Rubio said, “As the most conservative candidate in the race for Commissioner of Agriculture, Matt Caldwell has been an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment, consistently voted to cut taxes and reduce the size of government, and is a staunch supporter of the right-to-life. There is no harder working or more qualified candidate in the race for Commissioner of Agriculture and I urge all Floridians to vote for Matt Caldwell this August and November.”

Representative Caldwell said, “I’m proud to have Senator Rubio’s endorsement. In the race for Commissioner of Agriculture, I am working from the winning playbook of Senator Marco Rubio in 2010 when he was the underdog candidate and won because he was the most conservative and the hardest working. Unlike my opponents, I have never voted against our Second Amendment rights, to expand Obamacare in Florida, or to raise taxes on hard working Florida families. As the true conservative candidate in the race, I am battle-tested and ready to stand on principle for Florida’s families.”

Senator Rubio’s support adds to the growing list of conservative leaders and organizations endorsing Caldwell, which includes the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) and Unified Sportsmen of Florida. This also includes the endorsements of Republican House & Senate members from every delegation in the State. This is in addition to endorsements from the Florida Police Benevolent Association (PBA), Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida, U.S. Congressmen Matt Gaetz & Francis Rooney, and county, city, and local officeholders across the state.

Since launching his bid for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture in May 2017, Representative Caldwell has traveled over 75,000 miles across the Sunshine State talking to voters, sharing his conservative message and building support for his grassroots campaign. Caldwell’s campaign and Political Committee has raised nearly $2.4 million – leading in actual funds raised from supporters across the state.

The campaign launched the #2LaneTravels webpage to highlight the campaign travels across the Sunshine State in his bid for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. Click HERE to visit the #2LaneTravels website>>